OnePlus will launch its first 5G phone in the Q2 2019

This is a new era and everyone talking about the 5G smartphone. Well, here we have something special to every OnePlus fans around the globe.

OnePlus will launch its first 5G phone in the second quarter of 2019. Unfortunately, it won’t be launching in the US.

OnePlus will be showing a 5G phone prototype of at the MWC tradeshow in Barcelona next week, will first launch on UK carrier EE and Finnish carrier Elisa during the Q2 2019, reported USA TODAY.

The OnePlus 5G phone will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC with X50 modem. Check below for an image of the 5G prototype phone.

Image: USA Today

“It’s still very early days for 5G, and we want to take the opportunity to raise more awareness particularly within the OnePlus community, but not just limited to the OnePlus community, in what we can look forward to with 5G,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said to USA TODAY.

Additionally, OnePlus will be showing off the game “Ace Combat 7” to highlight the 5G device’s potential for gaming and computing when “the vast majority of computing is done on the cloud level rather than on the device.”

For 5G devices for the US:

“The U.S. is our most important market, so a longterm 5G focus is critically important,” Lau says.

“Apart from that chipset, and the ability to support the 5G network, the device itself doesn’t necessarily have to have other technical differences from a 4G device,” Lau says, later adding that “there will be some differences but it won’t be huge” and that the company won’t be making the 5G phone “dramatically” different just because it supports the new network technology.

The name of the OnePlus’s 5G device also hasn’t been decided, CEO added.

What about the price? How much will OnePlus charge for its 5G phone?

“There’s a definite significant cost difference” between the 5G and 4G devices, Lau says, “but we will definitely do our best to control” the pricing “and we’ll keep the device within $1,000.”

“Going above $1,000,” Lau adds, “the devices become too expensive.”

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