OnePlus 6 video editing features added to older models through Gallery app update

The OnePlus 6 features are trickling down into the older handsets like OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T as OnePlus rolls out its Gallery app update on Google Play.

The Gallery app update has brought some of the OnePlus 6’s video editing tools to the previous models. The update includes slow-motion video editing, background music, application of filters and the usual clipping/trimming for the older phones.

There’re also bug fixes and experience improvements. When you update the Gallery app to the latest version, which is v2.6.71, according to the report in Android Police, you will see a new pencil icon in the interface.

Tapping on it will give you three editing options. The first is the scissors icon which will take you to trim tool for videos, the middle option is for filters and the last is a music note which gives you options for the background beats.

Now even if you are an owner of a handset as old as the OnePlus 3, you can enjoy editing features as new as the ones on OnePlus 6 as the Gallery app update is out on the Google play store.

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