CEO: OnePlus isn’t making a 5G phone for the money, will come before the end of May next year

OnePlus isn’t making a 5G phone for the money, according to CNET. According to CEO Lau, the OnePlus 5G phone will launch “before the end of May” next year.

Although we already knew the device would be more expensive than the OnePlus smartphones currently on offer (priced around $750 or more, most likely), Lau says that the device itself will be priced without profit in mind.

In other words, OnePlus wants its 5G phone to be as cheap as it possibly can be for consumers, without the company actually losing money.

“The 5G product is not expected to equate to huge sales,” CEO Pete Lau said through an interpreter. “It’s still early stage. But by 2020 it could already be very different.” Lau added that the company plans to launch its first 5G phone “before the end of May.”

According to Lau, the 5G components inside will be much more expensive than the 4G components in current smartphones. However, being one of the first to market with a 5G device is what’s most important.

And that goal is not just for bragging rights. “With a focus on being one of the first companies to deliver a 5G phone, our engineers and product development team can receive an early start on how to best develop a premium 5G phone without compromise to design and user experience,” Lau said.

Finally, Lau revealed that the OnePlus 5G phone will look a lot like the 4G phone lineup we’ve already seen. While the 5G phone won’t be the OnePlus 7, it is very likely the 5G device and the 7 will look similar on the outside but have different innards and price points.

OnePlus already revealed the OnePlus 5G phone will hit Europe first in partnership with wireless carrier EE and will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset under the hood.

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