An updated version of the OnePlus Camera app features Google Lens integration

The updated camera app, which initially arrived in the Android P Developer Preview 2 for the OnePlus 6.

Once you install the APK and open the stock camera app, you can get to the new Google Lens shortcut when you swipe up to bring the available camera modes.

Even with the new integration, functionality remains the same. Google Lens features real-time search that automatically loads results as you pan to different objects, copies and pastes text from real-world objects, and identifies articles of clothing and furniture.

You can also use Lens to identify landmarks, products, animals, and more, as well as add events to your calendar and add contact information.

The good news is that you do not have to own a OnePlus 6 to get the updated OnePlus Camera app up and running. Because it exists as an APK and not as a software update, the app should work on older OnePlus smartphones too.

The APK should be out in the wild now if you want to install it right away, otherwise, you can wait for an official OTA.

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