The OnePlus 6 is on sale now – and people queued up to buy it

The OnePlus 6 is on sale now – and people have queued up to get their hands on it. OnePlus hosted an event at a pop-up store in New York City and other countries worldwide, where people lined up to get a chance to buy the new OnePlus 6 smartphone.

Those at the head of the line started lining up around 6:30 AM, more than 12 hours before the store opened its doors. Others took days off work and traveled from New Jersey and Long Island to stand in line. There were even some tourists from Italy.

Some of those in line even owned the latest Samsung Galaxy S9, which is barely two months old and has almost every feature under the sun. They were willing to switch to the OnePlus 6.

You’ll need to head over to the official OnePlus website if you’re interested in buying it.

Check pictures from other places:

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