OnePlus rolling out OxygenOS 9.0.6 to the OnePlus 6T with Optimized Image Processing

The OnePlus 6T has just received yet another update. The company is rolling out OxygenOS 9.0.6 to the device, and this update actually brings a number of improvements to the phone, even though new features are not a part of it.

That being said, the company has published a changelog on its official forums, so let’s see what’s new. This update will “Improve unlocking experience” for you, says the company, and that probably relates to both the phone’s in-display fingerprint scanner and its facial scanning feature, as the company is usually way more specific when they improve something in particular.

In addition to that, the company has also improved standby power consumption on the device, which is a welcomed addition, even though the OnePlus 6T did not really have battery-related issues.

Now, the company has also fixed issues with adding APN on the Verizon network, which some US-based users have experienced and reported a while back.

Some users also experienced issues with the Play Store, as they did not receive notifications from the Play Store, well, according to the company’s changelog, that has been fixed as well. This update also brings some improvements in the camera department, as OnePlus says that it also “optimized image processing” on the device.

We’re not sure if this change relates to Nightscape only, or in general, but chances are it’s the latter, as OnePlus did not mention Nightscape in specific. On top of everything, general bug fixes and improvements are also listed by the company, though such changes are a part of pretty much every update.

That is more or less it, as you can see there are no new features in this update, but that was to be expected, as OnePlus usually releases several such updates after a device launch, simply because the company wants to further fine-tune its devices.

It is worth noting that this update is rolling out as we speak, OTA (Over-The-Air), but it’s a staged rollout, so it may take a bit of time to reach your phone. Installing a VPN may not help you install this update, says OnePlus, as the rollout is not region-based.

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