OnePlus has recorded impressive opening day sales in India and China for the OnePlus 6

OnePlus has recorded impressive opening day sales for the OnePlus 6. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, told that the device sold 100,000 units in the first 12 minutes of going on sale in China.

In India, the company announced that, in the first 10 minutes of availability on Amazon, the OnePlus 6 generated over one billion rupees (approximately $14.7 million) in revenue.

OnePlus released the device in India on May 21 exclusively via its own website and on Amazon Prime, before general availability starting today. The OnePlus 6 was released in China, India (open sales), North America, and Europe today, May 22.

As of yet, there are no details about sales figures in other countries, although OnePlus boasted about long queues at its events in New York and San Francisco.

Of course, we don’t actually know how these numbers compare to sales of previous devices made by OnePlus. When the OnePlus 5T was released late last year, the company announced that it broke its own launch day sales records in only six hours. However, at the time, OnePlus did not release what the actual numbers were.

Nonetheless, 100,000 devices in 12 minutes in one country certainly sounds promising. It will be interesting to see if the OnePlus 6 can now go on to beat the opening day sales record set by the OnePlus 5T.

(Story by OnePlus & Android Authority)

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