OnePlus 6T to feature a whole new OxygenOS and improved camera

OnePlus has revealed it will launch the OnePlus 6T in New York on October 30 via an official announcement.

In an interview posted to their forums, OnePlus talked about some of the big software changes that are coming to the 6T and also that we should expect an improved camera experience.

For one, they called it a “whole new UI” that will “express the OnePlus design language” while making it the “most distinct and intuitive version of OxygenOS yet.”

As an example, they talked about a refreshed or improved gesture navigation. With this new version, swiping up on an app will grab ahold of the app you are in to let it follow your finger.

As they describe it, this makes for a “more natural experience.” Additionally, a flick from the bottom right of the screen lets you quickly jump between your two most recent apps, which you used to not be able to do without an app switcher button.

They’ve also implemented a short-press on the power button to activate Google Assistant, which is already a OnePlus 6 Pie feature.

Another example would be a better AI algorithm that keeps track of your sleep schedule to help extend battery life at night and reduce power consumption.

For the camera, they really just mentioned that they “put a lot of work” into improving the camera, but can’t say what exactly that means.


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