OnePlus 6T Review

OnePlus 6T review: For a company that has set a benchmark for its quality, launch phones at an interval of 6 months is not an easy move. OnePlus has confirmed that they will only be making ‘T’ variants of there smartphone. When we look from outside the OnePlus 6T doesn’t look like a major upgrade, but in terms of technology, it has upgraded itself a lot.

The OnePlus 6T is the result of OnePlus’ trying to improve the OnePlus 6 Without touching what is already good, so we can say that it ,is same as the OnePlus 6 But with some Really meaningful updates that you will notice.

The New OnePlus 6T has a fingerprint sensor under its display, and a huge 3700mAh battery, that can last for a day. With that, it also has a 23% in size with compare to the previous model with a bigger display and smaller notch.

OnePlus 6T price and availability

This Phone will be available in two colors, Midnight Black and Mirror Black. It is on sale from 1st November on Amazon and OnePlus Store it is also available at Reliance Digital and Croma stores across India.

Now when we talk about the prices the 6GB RAM/128GB storage variant is priced at Rs 37,999, 8/128 variant for Rs 41,999 and the high-end 8/256 for Rs 45,999.


With the smaller notch and same resolution, this phone has an 85.6% screen to body ratio.

The major change that you will notice is it has chopped out the bezels and have 18:9 display, which offers more display to fit more apps.

The size of the display is 6.41-inch AMOLED display with a 19.6:9 aspect ratio. The phone has an 85.6% body to screen ratio. So the phone won’t be too big to hold in hands even after a big has a full 2340 x 1080p HD display with a pixel density of 402ppi. When the AMOLED display on the 6T is still offered an amazing quality.

The key feature you will notice in the new 6T is the fingerprint sensor under the screen. There are many smartphones that have the fingerprint sensor under the display, but OnePlus has said that the 6T has the fastest unlock time of 0.36 seconds. The fingerprint sensor under the screen doesn’t only look good and easy to use but also offers more space in the back for that phone makers to put the battery.


As the new 6T don’t have changed that much in looks but the OnePlus 6T has a premium glass metal body that feels so good to hold in hands. So we can say that this has the most premium work on the phone. At the back, it has a 3D glass panel which looks amazing. When it comes to the quality of material, its same as the OnePlus 6.
In the front it has a gorilla glass 6 for protection, it is available in two colours Midnight black and Mirror black.

In holding the OnePlus 6T is more comfortable with enough grip. With a dimension of 57.5 x 74.8 x 8.2mm its not a too large device to hold. With compare to the previous phone it is 0.4mm thicker and heavier by 8 grams.

The backside of the phone is cleaner, as there is the only camera at the backside. the power button of the phone is on the right panel, you can use this button to waking the device or you can double tap on the screen. And above the power button, there is a signature OnePlus slider which you can use to mute your device in a quick flick.

And on the left panel of the phone, there is a volume button, USB-C post and the bottom and two grills on each side having a loudspeaker and microphone.

With following the trend the OnePlus 6T don’t have any headphone jack, it may be disappointing for some users but to cover it up OnePlus has included a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.

Battery life

With a huge, 3700mAh battery inside the 6T will last for about a day. With the huge battery, it also supports dash charging, after a day use you can charge your phone in just some minutes. While the trend is going for wireless charging the OnePlus 6T don’t have it till now. As OnePlus dont see a big demand for that. The software installed in the phone also helps to boost the battery life. As all the phones have this phone also have a battery saver mode in it. That will boost the battery life by not allowing any battery drain by unnecessary apps.


At the back of the phone, there are two cameras with 16MP + 20MP Sony sensors. The camera is the same as the OnePlus 6 has. There are few enhancement its software, so now there is a nice nightscape mode, but its based on software so the OnePlus 6 users will also be getting this feature in future updates. this mode lowers the ISO and shutter speed to have more light on the sensor and with the AI it makes a perfect picture.

The camera has a wide lend with the 16MP sensor, with a 20MP lens. Both of the lenses have an aperture of f/1.7. There are few modes for photography that are automatic, portrait, manual and panorama, and slow motion and timelapse mode for the video.

Android and interface

When we talk about the software of the phone, it is running on the Android 9 Pie. but OnePlus has also put the layer of oxygen os on the top of it.

With the new phone, the company haven’t made and huge change but it has made some useful tweaks like to access the app drawer you just have to swipe up from the bottom, and as every smartphone manufacturer is following the gestures, 6T also included some easy gestures to use your phone.

OnePlus has kept the minimum number of bloatware in the 6t, there are only basic apps like calculator, calendar etc. overall it feels so clean to use it.

OnePlus has also said that it boots up really quicker than other phones, and overall its also a bit faster than previous phone.

So overall we can say that the 6T is an updated version of the OnePlus 6 phone. With not much improvement at the exterior but has improved in the sense of technology and performance.

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