OnePlus 6 Next Update to Fix Reported Issues, Introduce Battery Percentage

OnePlus has listed all the issues that users face on the OnePlus 6, and said it aims to solve them all through the next update.

OnePlus confirmed that another software update is in the offing, with fixes for most of the relevant issues raised in the Q&A.

The next OnePlus 6 update will fix the speaker volume issue for calls and notifications, rear autofocus problems, and more. It will also introduce a battery percentage indicator.

The company asked its users if they were having any issues with their OnePlus 6 after the recent update, and users had a lot of feedback to share on the OnePlus community.

While answering queries, OnePlus said fixes were going to be rolled out with the next update.

For example, the three dots overflow indicator that keeps showing up on the status bar, is going to be removed with the next update.

Also, the company will bring back the Scheduled DND mode on the Alert Slider on previous devices, and the messy autofocus on the rear camera is going to be fixed.

OnePlus also looks to introduce a battery percentage option in the status bar, something that isn’t available currently.

There are also some speaker problems that users have reported regarding calls and notifications volume, and OnePlus has confirmed that it will address that as well.

Lastly, users are also reporting of no network when using Idea as a non-data card, and OnePlus has advised those users to set Idea SIM as a default data SIM to ensure daily usage till the fix arrives with the next update.

While there is no timeline provided by the company on when the next update will be rolled out, we expect it to come in a couple of weeks. The entire Q&A feedback is posted here.

(Story by Gadget360, edited by OnePlusOfficial)

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