Google Discover page now available on the OnePlus 6T launcher

Ever since the OnePlus 2, all OnePlus phones have shipped with the company’s own OnePlus Launcher. It’s a great launcher that provides out-of-the-box customization for app icons, grid size, and more, and for some 6T owners, there’s now an option to replace OnePlus’s Shelf with the Google Discover page.

The T-Mobile variant of the OnePlus 6T allows you to have the Google Feed on the OnePlus Launcher, but for whatever reason, it’s not currently available for unlocked variants of the phone.

This seems like a weird distinction to make between the two variants, and when asked for further explanation on what’s going on, OnePlus said, “Only the T-Mobile version has the Google Now Minus One screen functionality.” Yes, we too are confused by that name.

It’s possible that Google Discover could come to unlocked versions of the 6T, and honestly, it’d be kind of silly for OnePlus not to bring it over in a future software update.

[Article from Android Central, Edited by OnePlus Official]

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